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here's some shit i'm never going to finish, miscellaneous short things version. sorry for all the cringe-y overuse of italics, haha. every idea in this post is up for completion/adoption by anyone who wants to.

"a tragedy in five acts"; karasuno gen
373w )
oisuga, secret dating

826w )
working title "how bad me be," nohebi fic which i wrote at 2am

729w )

some really shitty ennofuta (like, really shitty)

1,021w )
"it's friday, i'm in love"; daiyui
1,384w )
more crappy ennofuta

787w )
old man yaois

96w )

oisuga week fic, for the prompts retro/future/rpg (i did so much research for this lol)

1,992w )

seijou training camp fic

729w )

show choir au

1,876w )
wow! more ennofuta!!!

1,604w )
third gym shenans

685w )

i can't believe i found more ennofuta

556w )

kiyoyachi sk8r boi au

210w )

oisuga; one of the very first hq fics i ever wrote, so don't judge. it was 2014. this is so so so bad i'm very sorry.

1,757w )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

❄️ fic about any of the ravenclaws and hufflepuffs in harry's grade, at hogwarts, post-war, in an AU setting, i don't care. bonus points for anthony/zacharias, my minorpair otp. (why? "Something very odd was happening to Zacharias Smith. Every time he opened his mouth to disarm Anthony Goldstein, his own wand would fly out of his hand, yet Anthony did not seem to be making a sound." more canon interaction than a lot of other ships can boast!) bonus points for anything that takes place during sixth year or in an eighth year scenario.

❄️ tropey garbage! seriously, if you're writing anything for me, the best way to get me to love it is fake dating. the second-best way is any other romcom trope. or like, an AU based on a romcom movie. even one i haven't watched. i don't care. i love that shit when it's fic. give me all the cute-awkward umbrella sharing and secret passed notes. give me kisses in the rain or under a flurry of fireworks. give me fake marriages and woke-up-marrieds. bonus points if this is using the characters mentioned above. shh.

❄️ i don't like calling this beast by its name but if you've never heard of "identity porn," basically what it means is two characters meet on two different levels and don't immediately reconcile each other as the same person. i.e., a pair of bitter rivals meet on a forum and, not knowing who the other is IRL, really hit it off. this is one of my favourite storylines ever, ever, and i feel like it's woefully underutilised in fanfiction. if you see this and decide to fulfill one item on my wishlist: please, make it this one.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

it's always hard to choose what to put on a reclist. do you put fics that you've read recently or fics that have stayed with you for years? fics written by friends or fics written by strangers you admire? well-loved fics or fics that need more exposure? i think in the end it has to be a mixture. on this list, i've chosen three fics that have affected me deeply in whatever way, because of the content, because of the writing, because they just happened to hit on something that i, personally, love. i've gone with haikyuu!! fic, because it's where i've read the most deeply in recent years. i hope you find something to love here too!

❄️ One Gray Morning by SterlingLee ❄️

in brief: futakuchi POV datekou genfic, rated G, 3k

i regularly refer to this as "my favourite fic ever," which is perhaps an overstatement, but i unconditionally love everything about this fic so it's definitely up there. the author is one of my favourite haikyuu!! writers, not just because of their focus on datekou and genfic (my favourite team and my favourite weird niche, team bonding) but because of their way with words and their sense of humour. this fic is hilarious on every level: situational, textual, in the characterisation, in the plot. it's also touching. like, it's genuinely very sweet. that's something rarely done well, so it's great to read a fic like this that totally nails it, on every level. (also, it's raining the whole time. for those who don't know me. i love rain.)

opening three paragraphs:

It’s pissing rain when Futakuchi rolls out of bed at 5:40 A.M. and attempts to find his way into his school uniform without opening his eyes. His mother scoots him out the door twenty minutes later and when his shoes go squish in the puddle of wet leaves in the storm drain at the edge of the yard, he knows it’s going to be one of those days.

The umbrella his mother shoved into his hand is one of those fancy transparent ones, and through its slick dome he watches the clouds do absolutely nothing overhead. They are not moving. They are locked in place and emptying their guts down on him, out of personal spite probably. While he’s staring up at the sky he steps in another puddle.
He makes it to the station on time, though. His stop is early up the line and most Datekou students aren’t on their way to school this early anyway—Coach Oiwake has maintained the volleyball team’s strict morning practice schedule since time immemorial, or at least since the early 2000s. It being this kind of day, he’s perfectly content to stand at his usual spot with all higher functions on standby until the lady on the PA announces that his train is here.

❄️ Riptides by Kuleshov ❄️

in brief: tsukkiyama getting-together, rated T, 12.6k

this is the only fic on this list that i didn't discover alone; it was rec'd to me, and i'm eternally grateful for that. one of the things i look for in fic is a real sense of place, an atmosphere. this fic has atmosphere in spades. there's something about summer stories set at beachside resorts that's nostalgic for me, which is part of it, but the writing in Riptides is great too and sets the scene brilliantly. the characters are true to themselves and the dialogue is well-paced, clever, sharp. this is one of those fics that stays with you. i recommend it as a lazy afternoon read; for something this length and of this quality, be sure to give it enough time.

opening three paragraphs:
A few blocks south from Yamaguchi's house, across from the stationary store, was a parking lot bordered by a four-meter high concrete wall. For the first full week of August, during the off-hours of the salon, cell phone repair shop, and wholesale seed store that shared that space – Yamaguchi practiced alone. Using a meter stick, chalk, and masking tape, he recreated the dimensions of a volleyball net and court along the wall. The lines were imperfect, and the window of time between the shops closing and sunset was only a little more than an hour. Nevertheless, Yamaguchi only had until the weekend to better hone his footwork, toss, accuracy and power.

By Friday, he was working on a new approach to his serve. He took one long stride with his left foot – follows by two quicker steps – and lifted the ball as he jumped. Upon service, the ball rolled against the tip of Yamaguchi's fingers. His heart sank as it traveled to the wall, thudding only a few centimeters above the slight dip in his makeshift net line.
“You're tossing the ball too far in front of yourself.”

❄️ bystander by harklights ❄️
in brief: ennofuta meet-cute, rated T, 2.2k

this is another one of those fics that has a particular place in my personal mythos. sometimes i reread it and think, wow, remember when this changed my life? bystander is not just a fic. it's a philosophical exploration of the bystander effect, presented dramatically, cinematically. and it's so impressive to see these ideas packed into such a short fic. ennofuta is a ship i'm very invested in, given it's so rare, and the characterisation here is impeccable. the writing is great too; there's one bit that's the culmination of incredible pacing and build-up and every time i read it, it still gives me chills. i would recommend this to anyone, even if you don't know the fandom.

opening three paragraphs:
“You’re here.” Someone says. “Again.”
Kenji turns around to see that a man had joined him in leaning against the wall. It’s a little too dark in the tiny room to be sure, but it looks like he’s wearing all black.
Pretentious, he thinks. He should have expected it the moment he turned into the building on a whim after seeing a sign on the street advertising a graduate thesis exhibition, open daily and free to the public. Kenji assumes that this black-garbed person created the work that Kenji is currently parked in front of. He hadn’t read the tiny plaque on the wall to see what the artist’s name was. Hadn’t bothered to catch the title of the short film currently playing either, for that matter.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

some writing goals for 2017:

❄️ write what i want to, with love

❄️ write first, edit later

❄️ allow myself lapses in productivity, moments of weakness

❄️ start fewer projects, give up on fewer

❄️ finish my novel
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

this is a very open question (it didn't need to be a fanwork, but i went with that in the spirit of fannish positivity) and as such i am giving a particularly strange answer. as some of you might know, my forever fandom is the harry potter fandom. i was an awful, contrary little child and for a few years i refused to read harry potter because everyone liked it, therefore it was too mainstream for me. when i was 9, on a few-hours flight home with my parents, they bought me philosopher's stone to read. i had always been restless, but for that one flight i read non-stop and didn't look up once—and i haven't looked back since.

so, i started writing harry potter fanfic shortly after, of the very basic sort that children write, self-inserts and simple plots. i found online communities at 11, and published my first fic at 12. i very quickly discovered that i had a niche in the harry potter fandom: i was absolutely taken with the minor characters in harry's grade who never got much of the spotlight except in their roles in dumbledore's army. in particular, i was passionate about anthony goldstein, because as a young jew who was lacking representation and role models (outside of, like, rugrats,) the surname "goldstein" leapt off the page at me, and as they say, the rest is history. unfortunately for my budding obsession with anthony goldstein, michael corner, and terry boot (who were barely mentioned in the half-blood prince! i was scandalised!) there was always very little fan content. enter the hp lexicon.

in a world before wikia, the lexicon was there for those of us who were sticklers for canon and needed the detail in our fics to be absolutely perfect. i don't remember exactly how old i was when i stumbled upon it, but it very quickly became another obsession. apart from wiki-like cataloguing, the lexicon also has essays asking the big questions about the potterverse, deconstructing its minutiae with love, never pretension. this was pure, earnest attention to detail, and it was one of the best things i could've been exposed to as a kid. i read all the essays and absorbed their details into my version of canon, but there was one essay in particular that has stuck with me forever.

it's this: secrets of the classlist by diana summers. it's an in-depth demographic study of the known (and unknown) students in harry's grade, and it places them all over britain and gets into issues like class, religion, and ethnicity. some parts of the essay are a little reaching, such as the assumption that terry boot is from an evangelical family just because of the possible reference to jesse boot, or the idea that justin finch-fletchley will meet a violent death because finches are small and vulnerable and fletchley means "field of arrow heads." (and the customary blaise zabini speculation!) but that aside, i'm glad i read this when i was fresh and new to fandom, because it sets a bit of a standard for acknowledging diversity, something the hp books themselves don't do all that well. it's deeply researched and cleanly presented, and has continued to inform my headcanon over the years.

(also, in light of the wank that happened years later, it's worth noting that this essay acknowledged what we all knew: anthony goldstein is jewish!!!)
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there's no set theme for this, but i've decided to go for personal favourites of mine that i feel are underappreciated in some way. i have elected to rec fics from before this year, since i just covered all my faves in my 2016 summary. these are all haikyuu!! fics. i hope you find something here to interest you!

❄️ Coincidence ❄️

summary: oikawa and suga keep meeting, by chance, and take to each other instantly. but the course of true love never did run smooth, and sometimes anxiety gets in the way. featuring scallions, selfies, and a convenience store that acts as matchmaker.

this is only the third haikyuu!! fic i ever wrote, but nonetheless i'm fiercely proud of it. i had just discovered the joy of rarepairs, and oisuga was (and remains) my poison. so when i signed up to the very first hq hols exchange, i said i'd write oisuga on a total whim. am i ever glad i did! i was hit with a really inspiring prompt and it led me into a beautiful spiral of obsession, of late nights and emotional outbursts that made this fic what it is. this really is a self-rec because there is so much of me in this fic. it marks the moment i went from an okay writer to a good one, in my opinion. i love it so much and compared to some of my later oisuga fics it's much lesser known, mainly because oisuga was still tiny when i wrote this. if you want to go back to the early days of oisuga, this is the fic for you!

❄️ Mutually Assured Distraction ❄️

summary: there's a bit of rivalry beetween konoha and akaashi that has nothing to do with volleyball. they both like bokuto, and a miscommunication ends with both of them scoring a date with him. at the same time.

this was for haikyuu!! rarepair week in 2015. i was determined to write something each day because i'm such a rarepair evangelist but i was struggling a bit with ideas. i'd been interested in konoaka for a while after seeing some cute fanart and i kind of went with it because i wasn't writing anything else featuring the tokyo teams. i had basically no plan when i started other than "romantic rivals end up getting together with each other." and then in like the space of an afternoon, i'd written the entire thing. this fic was so much fun to write. it's a total farce and unashamedly silly in parts, which i think is what makes it so great. you can tell when a writer really loved what they were writing. however it's such a micropair that it's not as big as some of my other hq stuff. a diamond in the rough!

❄️ imperfect, tense ❄️

summary: it takes a lot to fall for someone, more still for that feeling to grow. in spring, hitoka falls for kiyoko as the blossoms grow on the trees. by winter, their love is in full bloom.

i couldn't do a self-rec post without this fic. it was written for 2015's hq winter hols and i think i really pushed myself with it, to write something a little different to my usual. so there's a lot of lovely language and nature metaphor in here, but i managed to pull it off. despite my love for the ship i hadn't written kiyoyachi before, and i think because of the differences in their experiences so far it's a ship that has to be handled with some delicacy. i know why it's underappreciated, it's because it's a fic about female characters, which doesn't do well in the hq fandom. but, that's an occupational hazard. i think some of my best writing is in this fic, and i love the whole mood of it, the hesitancy but the passion, the force of feeling overcoming all the natural nerves. if any of this interests you, please give it a try!
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it's that time of year... the morning of the first of january, 2017, and because i can't be bothered to be a functioning human being right now, i'm putting together a summary of the year that was, for me as a writer. first of all, i updated my table of word counts; i've written more this year than i have in any other, put my total accounted-for word count over 1mil, broke 500k on my current ao3 account, and wrote a heckload of original fiction, including starting a novel, one that i'm really, truly dedicated to finishing. because i don't talk about my OF in fandom spaces i won't tell you more than that, but it's very exciting.
here's the classic summary questionnaire...

the annual summary... )

now, i've seen some people doing month-by-month summaries of the year, so i thought i'd give that a go too. let's begin...

some excerpts... )
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i've been putting together a big proper masterlist of all my fic and i realised i have so many tiiiiiny things on tumblr that really don't belong on the masterlist as individual fics, so i'm dumping them all here! the first one is j/b and the rest are hq \o/
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a personal manifesto, inspired, like all my writing posts, by something [personal profile] aroceu did.

know your world.
there is no point in taking off if you don't know where you're going to land. research, research, research. think about all the questions you'll ask and answer them before you can open your mouth. plan, think about structure, think about form. think about what sort of tone you want to capture and what sort of words you'll need to achieve it. think about the season, the weather, the colour of the sky, the temperature of the air. think about the day of the week, the month, the year. firmly place your story in space and time. then, you can begin.

know your characters. writing is tension, action and reaction. think about the players on the stage, how they feel about each other, how they act around each other. how well they know themselves. think about where their hands are, their feet, their gazes. think about how they fit into the world and how they move. think about the intensity of their reactions, the consequences of their actions. if you can't envisage them in the scene, you should scrap it. but that doesn't mean you should stop trying.

know your story. where have you come from? each scene, even it is the first scene, has something that came before it. and where to next? each scene, even if it is the last scene, is the precursor to something. endings and beginnings serve only to frame. start in the middle of the action. end with hope, openness. don't tie up the loose ends. leave spaces in the lines so people can read between. but don't leave threads hanging, either. confusion must be answered, but emotions, less tangible, can be left wanting.

know your limitations. look in a mirror. stop, take a deep breath, do something else for a while. come back to it, eventually. read it again. edit it. ask a friend to read it, to edit it. stop. it's okay to give up. when you know it isn't working, you know it's okay to leave it. for however long it takes, maybe forever. rite something else. come back to it, eventually. stop thinking about that word. just write it. you can find a better word when you edit it. i promise. it'll be okay if it's not perfect the first time. you are a perfectionist, you are your own worst enemy. know yourself.
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total number of completed stories: 25 on ao3 and honestly that's all i'll count because there's a whole heap on dreamwidth and tumblr that i'd have to dig up
total word count: (note that not all of these are from complete fics, some are from published WIPs and others are from flashfic written from prompts, etc. i'm not counting all the WIPs in my drafts folder... that'd get messy fast. )
  • ao3: 151,389
  • dreamwidth: 8,278
  • tumblr: 16,333
  • brief phase: 2,816
  • saso and swag (excluding those that made it to ao3): 11,277
  • OVERALL TOTAL: 190,093
fandoms written in: haikyuu!!, harry potter, asoiaf

but wait, there's more )

a gift

Nov. 7th, 2015 12:21 pm
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for my dear friend viv, on the occasion of her birthday—posting this here and not on ao3 on the offchance i add to it!

to my screen a new project )
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  1. moniwa kaname/ushijima wakatoshi: i know ushimoni isn't a huge ship but i love it dearly and some sort of sweet, confused, getting together fic wrought with misunderstandings with these two would be great. they're the sort of couple i imagine to be quite fumbling and tentative in their romantic overtures. if you can incorporate any element of the plot of "pride and prejudice" into this that would be incredible but not obligatory. feel free to use other characters, too!
  2. haiba lev/yaku morisuke OR kuroo tetsurou/yaku morisuke: again, i'm requesting getting together fic. more than anything, for either of these couples i'd love to read a fic where they're in the "what are we" stage of the relationship. i know i've set the max rating as T, but i don't mind implied sexual content. however, if you choose levyaku, i'd request that no implied sexual content occurs when either of them are in high school. one thing i really don't want is "levyaku with past kuroyaku" or the other way around. these two ships are in the same prompt because they share a character, and for no other reason! on that note, yaku POV would be great, but if you're not comfortable writing it that's fine.
  3. female character genfic: this is a grab-bag list of every female character in haikyuu!! i'm not fussy what comes out the other end of this prompt, but i'd love something maybe with the managers hanging out, or a ridiculously nostalgic sleepover story. i'd prefer this not to focus on any pairings, but if you want to use background ships, i like kiyoyachi an awful lot.
  4. datekou genfic: again, i'm not fussy about this prompt. i love datekou, i love team bonding, the sillier the better. i don't really mind which POV you use or which characters you focus on. i just love datekou. please. make them do something ridiculous.
  5. shiratorizawa genfic: similar to my datekou prompt, i mainly want lighthearted team bonding from this one. in terms of POV and character focus, i'd actually really like a focus on the younger players, goshiki, shirabu, or kawanishi, but i'm cool with a focus on ushijima too. i also wouldn't be averse to an element of hurt/comfort, although i'm not entirely sure why. big eagles looking out for tiny baby eagles, stuff like that.
general information:
  • for my two shippy prompts, i'd prefer the setting to be canonverse. whether that's school or university futurefic is up to you!
  • for my three genfic prompts, i don't mind if you want to use an au setting! aus i love include: modern fantasy, space/hard sci-fi, historical sci-fi, university, celebrity, espionage, political, and any combination/fusion of these. aus i don't really like include: steampunk, cyberpunk, anything based off real life crime, prostitution, stripping, hospital (only if they're patients; doctors are fine).
  • a comprehensive list of my squicks (handily presented alongside tropes i like) can be found here. but, in brief summary: no deathfic, no terminal illness, no permanent break-ups. angst is fine but a happy or open ending would be great.
  • none of my requests go above a T rating, but just to be safe, please don't write me smut!
  • another point just to be on the safe side: please no background ships! i'm an annoying picky shipper and i'd really rather the focus of any shippy fic to be on the main ship, as well as for genfics to be completely gen (with the exception of my girls request above, as noted).
  • my big trigger is dead animals/taxidermy. i know it's unlikely to come up but i prefer to mention it just in case.

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1. Your favourite fic you’ve written

well, i'll always have a very large soft spot for my two current longfics, Before Destruction and The Accidental Renaissance of Zacharias Smith. i'm very proud of every longfic i write though so, idk. i guess of all my hq!! fics, which, lbr, is my current big fandom, this has to be slow down, you're taking me over. it's my favourite not only because of the content (highly collaborative in nature, from discussions with my beta reader viv) but because of the reaction. i feel like it's not too presumptuous of me to say that it started something. and it's fun, i loved writing it. i love the ideas. so, yeah.

2. Your least favourite fic you’ve written

if i restrict this to stuff on my current ao3, it's a j/b fic, Somebody Likes You. i'm sure somebody likes this fic, haha, but it's not me. i mean. it's okay. it's just not really my thing anymore. i also think i've been poisoned to it forever because, upon a reread several months after posting, i discovered a really ambiguously-worded answer to a double-negative question, had no idea how to fix it, freaked out, and never touched it again. oops.
if i look to the past, this answer changes. it's a shitty merlin modern au that i co-wrote with a friend. it died after like five chapters. no, you don't get a link.

3. Your most popular fic

this is by any other name. it's the first hq!! fic i ever wrote, almost a year ago, and it's been a really weird experience for me. because, like, having your entry into a fandom being so dramatic (it got 110 kudos overnight... wtf)—after that everything sort of takes on a different perspective. idk. like i said, it's weird.
4. The fic you wish more people would read

hands down this is Coincidence. i poured my heart and soul into this fic but because it was for hq!! winter hols and i posted it to the collection early, when it was posted it was backdated by over a week, and so it didn't get any front page traffic. and it's always dwindled compared to my other (some shorter) oisuga fics, which sort of makes me flop about hopelessly, because i stayed up late and made myself very emotional writing it. it's sort of personal and, strangely, that makes me want to share it with others.
5. The fic you most enjoyed writing

possibly i have never had more fun with a fic than Mutually Assured Distraction. it was the first fic i completed for rarepair week, and i'd spent forever trying to decide what to do for that day. but once i had the idea, i had it, and i just powered through it. it was a great experience. i put a lot of humour into it and a lot of my favourite tropes and i still reread it regularly.
6. Your funniest fic

this is hard because i genuinely think i am hilarious and a true blessing to the comedy fic genre. i get lots of comments to this tune which does absolutely nothing for my burgeoning ego. however i think in the end i have to go for texting (with a capital S) because it was the sort of funny that, when i was writing it, i regularly had to stop and go, holy shit, what am i doing. but it got a really positive reaction and... i mean, i tagged it Inappropriate Humour. that sort of says it all. plus, the mixed media nature of texting fic allows me to do one of my favourite things, that is, play around with structure, and i like using that to a comedic effect. so the more experimental, the funnier i can be. this was one of those cases.

7. Your hottest fic

if i were to give the real answer to this question, well, let's just say no-one is allowed to know that this one exists. the cop-out answer is the parts of Due Season that i didn't write (xoxo @ [personal profile] aroceu)
OH WAIT ACTUALLY there was that time i genuinely posted smut to ao3 but it was part of a huge joke with a friend about how perfect fanfiction sex always is. it's called there's a chance we could make it, which is a line from this song, which goes to show how seriously i took it.
8. Your saddest fic 

go figure, asoiaf fandom rears its head. this was me challenging myself to write the saddest possible j/b deathfic ever... i know, what was i thinking, and i made myself cry in the process, even. but blue and white, and black is really nicely written imho and there's a certain sick satisfaction in knowing that you make other people as sad as you. yikes.
9. The fic you’d like to remembered for

is it weird that my answer to this is that i haven't written it yet? or, more accurately, i've started writing it, but it won't be posted for quite a while because it's a longfic and i want to get ahead. it doesn't have a title yet, but it's an au where oikawa and suga's roles are reversed, and it's going to be quite the epic. it's probably going to be genfic, too, and—long, ensemble cast genfic. that's how i want to be remembered.
well, that's for hq!! at least. in asoiaf i'm always going to be remembered for Before Destruction, that's not even a question. that's also fine by me. as mentioned. i love that fic.
going even further back, absolutely no-one remembers me as That One Person who wrote That One Longfic for That One Rarepair in the harry potter fandom. ideally let's keep it that way but i'm lowkey proud of 16-year-old-me for writing something 60k long, even if a lot of it is utter garbage.
10. The thing(s) your fic contributed to fandom headcanon

okay. well. ennofuta. again i don't want to sound too big about the impact i've had but i'm just gonna toot my own horn quickly and say that prior to my works, there was one tweet (as far as i can tell!) proposing the idea of ennofuta in the western hq!! fandom. (it's big in the korean fandom and idk how long it's been there for.) but yeah, it's that one thing everyone knows me for. i guess outside fic i'm also known as that person who cracks jokes about old man yaoi, aka my sneaky ship ukai snr/washijou. i'm still working on the ship name. and, for reference, i am writing it. stay tuned.


just quickly, interesting to note that i didn't seem to list much of my newer fic here? i do love it a lot. it just needs more time to settle. i love most of my fic, actually. that's why it's out there. that's why i wrote it. sigh.


Sep. 6th, 2015 01:04 pm
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tfw you're like "haha i'll just write some short ushimoni for moniwa's birthday" and less than 24 hours later a disgustingly domestic and self-indulgent monster has reared its ugly head and you look at your hands like "oh"

this is 1,838 words of fluff enjoy

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here's all the stuff i did for saso!

first up, shout-out to team tsukkiyama: [personal profile] daystodawn, [personal profile] etoileige, [personal profile] miijuku; and [personal profile] yamaguchi_enbot; for being the best team i could have hoped for! i had so much fun working with you guys; and we were fortunate enough to place equal 8th in main round 2, and rank 17th overall!

here are our main round entries:
and here are my bonus round fills:
and finally, my participant buttons:

saso 2015 captain saso 2015 participant

i made some incredible friends doing SASO, and i had a wonderful time of it. thank you all!
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word counts )
year | published fic | unpublished fic I original | total 
 2004  0 0  475  475
 2005  0 0 6755  6755
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all my stuff in one place!

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an experiment—written between the hours of 00:00 and 01:42 on june the 7th, set in the early hours of some other morning. an experiment—written to push myself, to Attempt to write something intimate, familiar, domestic.

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these are even older... ! there's a lot of j/b in here, but some volleyball and potterverse mixed in.

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